Pretty ugly

5609 Northwest 130th StreetAnd a little big for its surroundings. This oxymoron of a dwelling is the Oklahoman’s Listing of the Week:

The Listing of the Week is a Dallas-style home with a big open living area on 0.18 acre in a gated neighborhood in northwest Oklahoma City.

The 2,276-square-foot home at 5609 NW 130 has three bedrooms, two baths, one half-bath, two living areas, one dining area and an attached three-car garage. The dining room has a hand-scraped, hardwood floor and a bay window. The main living area has built-ins, a cathedral ceiling, fireplace and solar tube skylight.

The country kitchen has a breakfast bar, granite counters and a walk-in pantry. The master bedroom has a his-and-hers bath with doorless shower. The home an outdoor fireplace, covered patio, covered porch and underground sprinkler system.

I admit to being a trifle perplexed by this “doorless shower” thing, but it’s obviously an indoor amenity, and clearly this house is for people who never go outside: my own palatial estate at Surlywood is less than half this size, but it sits on a lot 44 percent bigger. Still, they’re asking $329,900 for it, maybe three times what I’d get for my place.


  1. fillyjonk »

    14 July 2019 · 3:04 pm

    By “Dallas-style” do they mean “Like the 1980s show” or something different? I am confused but then my little cottage doesn’t have a whole lot in the way of fancy amenities.

    I presume “doorless shower” means one of those shower stalls you just walk right into and either there’s a curtain (?) or enough of the area outside the shower is heavily-enough tiled that slop-over of water isn’t going to ruin wallboard or something.

    My own house is something like 1300 square feet and is on .125 acres, so smaller lot but considerably smaller house.

  2. McGehee »

    14 July 2019 · 3:59 pm

    From what I saw of available real estate during a years-ago Mrs. McG contemplation of possibly transferring to the Metroplex, Dallas-style homes leave only enough space outside the home for a driveway and doorstep in front, with a patio in the back for the gas grill and just enough grass for a riding mower to turn around on without making a three-point turn.

    (I suspect the ZTR mower was developed to make the smallest possible such lawn even smaller.)

  3. CGHill »

    14 July 2019 · 4:54 pm

    Yeah, that sounds about right.

  4. Fred Z »

    15 July 2019 · 8:15 pm

    “doorless shower” is, I think, a shower stall with a maze-like entrance.

    Sort of like current men’s loos where you go in, turn right, turn left, no doors, then you pee and the horny ladies cannot see your big swinging…

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