Strange search-engine queries (702)

In case you missed this before — I am told that this is possible — what we do here is take a look at what people were looking for on the Web, on the off-chance that they managed to get here with those searches. As always, there is no wagering.

Fillyjonk Species:  Allow me to direct you to the Moomin wiki.

Android Quicksearch Box:  Google by another name.

defending mary sues:  Not to worry; they all manage to take care of themselves.

Liviu Mircea and Tiberiu Oproiu from the Astronomic Observatory Institute in Cluj, Romania:  I bet you won’t find them trying to storm Area 51.

unstupefied:  Your status after staying off social media for a week.

zillowy:  Description of a real-estate market whose prices are inexplicable.

zillionths:  Percentage of the federal deficit addressed by Congress.

laugher curve:  A device used to estimate that deficit.

bill gates blue screen:  Even he gets them, or so it seems.

paul savage purchased a restaurant named burger haven from larry jones. the purchase would cause the number of reporting entities to:  Remain exactly the same, to the dismay of the Health Department.

wallternatives:  Like, for instance, a portable room divider.

primejailbait closing:  And a million hands are withdrawn from a million pairs of pants.

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  1. CGHill »

    16 July 2019 · 4:22 pm

    That last one: too subtle?

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