No relation

News Babes, as they were once (or twice, or more) called, make for relatively simple research for Your Humble Narrator: they’ve spent most of their lives as News Babes, and there area always lots of pictures to be had. Such is the case with Erica Ruth Hill, forty-three today, who’s logged 21 years in the business, starting at TechTV — you remember TechTV, don’t you? — later moving to CNN, CBS, NBC, and back to CNN.

Erica Hill on the CBS Early Show

Erica Hill on the NBC Today Show

Erica Hill on a Turner Broadcasting promo

Inevitably with News Babes, there are guys with obsessions, one of whom crammed these bits into a single video:

She is not related to News Babe E. D. Hill, 57 next week, who has also been kicking around the business for years; she was last seen on, um, CNN.

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