You have to wonder how this nitwit got into this predicament in the first place: Is there a way to still comment and use YouTube if you’ve been banned from being able to own an email account permanently by court order?

Let’s call him halfway home: he can go to YouTube and look at any non-restricted video. But he cannot comment, or see restricted items, because he’d have to login with a Google account, and Google doesn’t sign up users without an email address.

And inevitably, I have to wonder what sort of grievous offense is most appropriately punishable by barring all access to email. It’s a swell idea: being an asshat on social media requires first that you apply for an account, which will require an email address. (We assume that the ban applies to all the guy’s existing accounts as well as any new ones he might want to create.) And there is an upside: no one can spam him.


  1. fillyjonk »

    21 July 2019 · 5:40 pm

    I….have never heard of someone permanently being banned from having e-mail by a court order. I’m not sure if this is shenanigans or not. Can a court of law actually do that?

    I mean, in cases of extreme stalkers, or the dirtiest of spammers, or someone found with naked kid pictures downloaded on their machine….it might well be a swell idea, but…

    (And even thought I know I am Canonically Not A Terrible Person, now I am like “wow, another thing for me to worry about”)

  2. CGHill »

    21 July 2019 · 5:52 pm

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, the guy didn’t reveal exactly how he earned that ban.

  3. McGehee »

    21 July 2019 · 7:16 pm

    Maybe he got a parking ticket and thought it would be productive to spam the judge with snuff p0rn.

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