Strange search-engine queries (703)

This bit of shtick should be familiar to most of you by now: we look at the search strings that brought people here, and we stare in disbelief at some of them.

intro reprise:  And you skipped over most of the piece, but what the heck.

VENT168:  You’d think I’d be #1 for this.

is shoes for africa legitimate:  I don’t know that many Africans personally, but they all wear shoes.

kerry on:  There are scores of wayward sons out there.

rule 34 ragdoll:  Andy and Ann are flinching over there in the corner.

dreggiest:  You know where Sinatra sings “From the brim to the dregs”? This is the farthest from the brim.

rebecca black tongue:  Not on the first date, Bunkie.

@fmail:  Like Gmail, but fewer filters.

fünfundfünfzig:  “I can’t drive that,” insists Sammy.

eyes glued to the screen:  Among other things, this makes cleaning more difficult than it needs to be.

sierra madre tattler:  They could, but they don’t have to show you any stinking badges.

futilitarianism:  I just hope they weren’t actually looking for “futanari.”


  1. Dan T. »

    22 July 2019 · 7:08 am

    Abebe Bikila, an Ethiopian athlete, won the 1960 Olympic marathon running barefoot.

  2. McGehee »

    22 July 2019 · 8:28 am

    All the Africans I ever met were wearing shoes, as best I can remember. If I met any at the beach, though, they were probably wearing flip-flops.

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