All that flesh

This guy is distraught: My mother refuses to wear clothes in the house. What should I do?

He did provide some exposition, which he later deleted, but apparently he’s a graduate student still living at home, and it’s not like she just started doing this, either. I toyed with the idea of asking for Mom’s phone number, decided against it, and finally came up with this:

I have known several women who said that they’d routinely go nude, once the kids grew up and moved out of the house. You’re 23, so I suspect she was expecting you to be gone by now. But if she’s been doing this for thirteen years, well, you’ve had plenty of time to get used to it.

You might take a few minutes out from your studies and try to figure out why you feel threatened by a naked woman.

The other angle I was thinking of was “Think of it as part of your rent,” but I suspect that would have gone right over his head.

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