Your mileage may vary

Some people are unable to comprehend a simple disclaimer:

The suit, filed on Monday in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan by Seattle law firm Hagens Berman, asks $1.2 billion in damages for customers it claims are overspending on fuel.

The legal action piggybacks on the Justice Department’s criminal investigation of Ford’s testing procedures for the 2019 Ford Ranger in April. However, the civil suit also ropes in the F-Series — claiming that customers could spend upwards of two grand in gas they never budgeted for.

“We did the math and based this lawsuit on our own independent research. Ford’s fuel economy promises are all smoke and mirrors,” Steve Berman, managing partner of Hagens Berman, told the Detroit Free Press. “Ford’s lies about the F-150 are masking the truth: Consumers are paying far more for these trucks than meets the eye. Over the lifetime of the vehicle, we believe F-150 owners are paying more than $2,000 more for fuel.”

“Fuel-economy promises?” On what planet? Because it sure as hell isn’t this one.

Like just about every other class-action suit since the founding of Rome, this is a naked cash grab wrapped in consumer concerns, and even if Ford has to fork over a billion dollars, members of the “class” aren’t going to get anywhere near $2,000.

This guy is trying to tell it like it is:

I can say, in general, if you cannot hit the EPA mileage, it is YOUR fault. If you think you can drive a turbo engined product the same as you do a non-aspirated vehicle, you are an idiot. As someone who has a long history of beating the EPA mileage out of every product I have driven (and I’m no hypermiler), I can say that if you exceed the speed limit, you are a clown — you are costing yourself dearly. If you make lots of short trips and don’t batch them together, you are an idiot. And if you race to stoplights and take off like the start of a NASCAR race, you are an idiot. And if you don’t bother to check your tire pressure, you are an idiot. Those things will impact your mileage significantly enough for you to miss mileage sticker claims.

“But they promised!” Three-year-olds everywhere are rehearsing for their day in court.


  1. McGehee »

    24 July 2019 · 11:39 am

    Also: “My foot-long sandwich is only 11¾ inches long!!! Call my lawyer!!!”

  2. Pat S. »

    24 July 2019 · 4:12 pm

    Class action suits like that are completely bogus. The law firm that filed the suit will make out like bandits, and the clients will be lucky is they get a free oil change coupon out of the whole thing.

    I was once part of a class action related to Ford ignition system. The ignition modules die, leaving you stranded. The $8.69 check I received wouldn’t even pay the sales tax on a replacment.

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