Forgotten Sixties babes

The Japanese, by and large, do a better job of archiving American music than the actual Americans. An example:

RCA Groovy Songbirds cover art

The most compelling track, for me anyway, is Linda Scott’s “They Don’t Know You,” one of the last tracks recorded by the no-longer-teenaged songstress best known for her take on Jerome Kern’s “I’ve Told Every Little Star” back in 1961. I have it on a beat-up RCA Victor promo 45 (47-9424) smuggled out of the Turkish Republic, but cleaning it up is more trouble than I want to go to. (The last thing I know she recorded was a version of Smokey Robinson’s “The Composer,” an arguable Supremes number with Diana out front and the backing provided by the Andantes.)

Oh, and that bird in the upper right-hand corner looks somehow familiar.

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