Strange search-engine queries (704)

How this works is simple enough: you search for something, you land here, and if that something is the slightest bit interesting, it shows up in this weekly feature.

“why am i so normal”:  It’s just a cross you have to bear.

tongue groove:  Perhaps not as blatant as, say, a lip ring.

brand new shinny red super stock dodge:  I’m hoping what you mean is “shiny.”

TG&Y Sapulpa:  Opened in 2013, a decade after the chain folded: a guy bought the name and an old Drug Warehouse store.

suppose that at an official ticket price of $480:  the performer is getting at least $50.

12yo upskirt:  Calm down now, Mr Epstein.

okc ok breast reduction gallery:  In the Medical Plaza, Suite B. Or maybe it’s A.

mi aerodeslizador esta lleno de anguilas reference:  Get those goddamn eels out of the hovercraft and we’ll talk.

“huffington pissed”:  Subsequently renamed “Post.”

piece of legislation:  I think we can all agree it’s a piece of something.

“funny nude women”:  I’ve been looking for one of those myself.

where do you get underwear that won’t rip and when someone gives you a overhead wedgie it won’t rip:  I have a feeling this guy has gone through a lot of underpants over the years.

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    30 July 2019 · 8:04 am

    In The Mailbox: 07.29.19

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