Also a car in the photo

Zundapp Janus with precious cargo

The young lady battening down the rear hatch is Melody Ward; Sherli Hill (no relation) is in the driver’s seat. Joe Sherlock fills us in on the automotive details:

The [Zündapp] Janus never caught on in America or anywhere else. Only 114 inches long, riding on a 72 inch wheelbase, the little 937-pound car was powered by a mid-mounted 2-stroke one-cylinder, 14 horsepower engine running through a four-speed tranny. The Zündapp microcar had a top speed of only 50 mph — if you were brave.

Production began in June 1957 at the Nürnberg, Germany plant, but after selling less than 7,000 little vehicles in a year, Zündapp abandoned the Janus project, sold the factory to Bosch and concentrated its efforts on its more successful Zündapp motorcycle line.

Why was this car called “Janus”? Here’s why.

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