Shoe fly

Sneakers for professional gamers? Well, technically, they don’t actually sneak, but otherwise:

Playing video games for a living is hard work. You need skill, endurance, and, according to sneaker maker K-Swiss, the right footwear.

The clothing you wear when you’re sitting down for hours at a time is important, as any frequent flier knows. Dress too nicely and your clothing becomes a prison, but looking like a total slob isn’t ideal, either. The same is true for the marathon gaming sessions that professional streamers and esports athletes regularly engage in. Enter the MIBR One-Tap, a new sneaker from K-Swiss that’s being marketed towards pro-gamers.

The esports athletes at the Immortal Gaming Club (IGC) helped K-Swiss design the shoe. Made in Brazil, or MIBR), is one of IGC’s teams and the shoe’s namesake. Just looking at the shoe gives you an idea of its gaming bonafides.

One-Taps by K-Swiss

Considering what gamers pay for hardware, these shoes, at a mere $125, seem downright cheap(ish).

(Via LegallyBae.)

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