Inherit the whirlwind

Boys will be boys, and some people have a great deal of trouble keeping their hands off them:

A storm chaser and photographer accused of engaging in lewd or indecent acts with a teenage boy will face trial, a judge ruled Monday following nearly an hour of testimony from the accuser.

Lawrence McEwen is now facing six felony counts after Cleveland County District Court Special Judge Steve Stice amended one count and added two counts at the request of the prosecutor in the case. McEwen, 38, of Noble, previously worked as a storm chaser for KOCO 5 News and a sports photographer for the Oklahoma Sooners on a freelance basis.

The boy testified Monday that McEwen touched him twice for a “hernia check” which he said made him uncomfortable. “He said his dad had done it for him when he was younger,” the boy testified.

He also said McEwen made him use a sexual device and filmed the boy using the device, telling him it was for a project for a company. The boy said the device, which included sensors and was hooked up to an electric train, pulsated and “hurt” him.

Just the phrase “hernia check” makes me flinch.

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