A consistent asshat

This guy can’t be bothered to behave himself:

A former state senator has been ordered to jail for violating his probation just days after pleading guilty to assaulting an Uber driver.

Bryce Marlatt, a Republican from Woodward, will begin his 90-day stay at the Oklahoma County jail Aug. 12.

Party identified in the second paragraph. Not all papers do this, depending on the perp’s affiliation.

His judge on Tuesday revoked his probation in full after Marlatt admitted to driving drunk early March 21.

“It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around,” District Judge Heather Coyle told Marlatt. “That is something that is just not acceptable.”

Marlatt, 42, was charged in 2017 with sexual battery — a felony — after the Uber driver reported he made sexual advances and kissed her on the neck during a 37-minute ride in Oklahoma City. He resigned from the Senate and sought counseling for alcohol issues after being charged.

On March 8, he pleaded guilty to a reduced charge, assault and battery. Under a plea deal, he was placed on probation for 90 days for the misdemeanor offense and fined $500.

The Oklahoma County Jail is often characterized as a hellhole. I suspect it remains so because few legislators get sent there for some reason.

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