Pedals to the metal

You were never intending to race on the way to work, but, well, things happen:

For much of last summer I found myself heading to work at the same time as a fellow in a Tesla Model S P100D. He’d make an effort to get next to my Kawasaki at the stoplight before the freeway. At the green light he would simply disappear while I struggled to keep the big green Kwacker’s nose near the ground. Around the time I grabbed third gear he would be rolling back into my field of vision; by the time I hit fourth he’d be shrinking in the mirrors. At which point we would both hit the brakes, because the velocities involved had gone from “irresponsible” to “Cuisinart on impact.”

Of course, this was yet another manifestation of the Laws of Physics, informed by the fact that an electric motor’s torque peak is at 0 rpm: acceleration at that level is mostly a function of how much initial traction you can obtain from the tires. But that speed doesn’t build, in ludicrousness or anything else, and eventually, yes, you get to shrink in someone’s mirrors.

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