A darker shade of pale

So 007 is a black woman now. I don’t have any particular issues with that, though I have yet to see how James Bond, having apparently lost his license to kill, deals with it.

Then again, crossing up ethnicities isn’t the new phenomenon you might think it is:

“Ethnic” looking actors are cross cast as other ethnicities. Mexican American actor Anthony Quinn is best known for Zorba the Greek. WTF? FilAm Lou Diamond Philips played Jim Chee, a Navajo. And of course, only Asians got upset when the remake of The King and I starred a Chinese actor as a Thai king. Or a Chinese actress as a Geisha. And of course, David Carridine played the Kung Fu character on TV, instead of Bruce Lee … because?

That said, most such crossovers are motivated more by money than by malice. There are, of course, exceptions:

Disney is one of the worst. Have you seen a more anti Mexican film than Beverly Hills Chihuahua? And then there is not one but two Day of the dead cartoons that distort that family oriented holiday (with its Catholic influences) into American occultic beliefs?

My sons, watching Disney Channel, always pointed to the brown or black character and said, usually correctly: he’ll be killed off before the final scene.

As a trope, that goes back half a century or longer.

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