Strange search-engine queries (705)

Some people live in constant dread that somebody, somewhere, knows what you’re Gooogling (or occasionally Binging) for. There are two things they need to remember: we give far less of a damn than you think, and your mom knew about your prurient interests before you turned 15.

will ford ever bring back the probe:  If they do, it will be a crossover with a blunt front that doesn’t even look like a probe.

repair mazda 4EC-AT:  They don’t repair transmissions anymore. They just snap in a new one and send you the bill.

mispronounced oklahoma towns:  Well, they usually get Tulsa right. And Hooker.

undear:  A good beginning for the salutation of a nasty letter. Close with “Worst regards.”

sawiro jacayl oo qurux badan:  An incantation for dispelling the eels in your hovercraft.

are they ill tempered:  You’re goddamn right they are.

child winters wilkins daniels conder mills & boon loves… big sky standoff girl behind the scandalous reputation a bride for the boss the italian playboy s secret son the m:  What is this, a typing exercise for TMZ?

yokeldom:  How those Yankees characterize governance in the South.

tweetier:  You’ll have to ask Sylvester about that.

yuja wang bikini:  Probably not at work. Piano benches are often cold.

willie worker put in 42 hours last week at the widget factory. his base pay is $8.00 per hour, and he gets time-and-a-half for any hours beyond 40. use method 2:  Get Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the phone.

smutty primejailbait:  I suspect the modifier is redundant.


  1. McGehee »

    5 August 2019 · 6:14 am

    Until you dispel them from your hovercraft, they are eel-tempered.

  2. Joe Sherlock »

    5 August 2019 · 11:55 am

    If Ford brings back the Probe as a crossover with a blunt front, it should be named Painful Probe. Or just plain Owwwwww! (That would look good in chrome script.)

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