Canny valley

This is 2019, y’all:

Said a noted British naturist:

Oh my god! Boobs are ALMOST visible! What is the world coming to? Is it the end of life as we know it? Will babies refuse to feed from these threatening milk containers? Will men feel inadequate for not being able to match the shape & size? There is maybe one hope — #GrowUp

The link from the original tweet has gone 404, but it’s hard not to believe the worst out of EasyJet:

Great Britain-based value airline EasyJet is under heavy criticism after the carrier stranded more than 130 passengers on an island in the English Channel for three days.

The flight, scheduled to leave Jersey Island near the French coastline on Tuesday, kept passengers in the airport until late Thursday. The airline called it a technical issue with the plane, but the problem was exacerbated [when] EasyJet could not immediately find a replacement aircraft to come and rescue the passengers.

Compared to that, merely booting a woman for insufficient clothing is trivial.

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