Resolution reached

You may remember this from back in June:

Arrival of preorder at iTunes Store

Yet no actual copy of the album was forthcoming. A record-company exec (thank you, sir) offered to intercede, but he was no more successful than I. Noting that I hadn’t been charged for it yet, I decided to let it slide, and bought a copy from Bandcamp.

And this worked perfectly well right up until I started fiddling with an iPhone. Several thousand tracks were on the little gold box, but not one of them would play until I picked up my preorder: answering “Not Now” brought the same message back in a matter of seconds. Reasoning that I could leverage actual iPhone ownership, I took my problem to Apple’s tech-support chat, and while it took two separate escalations to get me to the right person (love you, Claire), I got my preorder filled at last.

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