Road to somewhere

Forget your petty potholes. The state has bigger plans:

The Oklahoma Transportation Commission has approved a $152 million highway project to upgrade US-69/75 in Calera.

Calera is located in Bryan County in southeastern Oklahoma.

“We are seeing interstate levels of traffic in this area and the massive changes made by this project will transform it into a modern, expanded freight corridor,” said Tim Gatz, executive director of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. “This is a critical step forward in Oklahoma’s transportation future.”

The construction, which will take place a little north of the Texas state line, will involve the reconstruction of slightly more than 4 miles of highway from Chickasaw Road in Calera to US-70 in Durant.

I’d bet not everyone down there is enthusiastic over an expanded freight corridor.

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  1. fillyjonk »

    11 August 2019 · 11:24 am

    Huh. Surprised it’s not all the Texans coming north to use our “medical” marijuana shops, of which there is a plethora.

    I guess this means I find an alternate route to shop for groceries in Sherman for a year or so, like I did back in 2017.

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