The right to bare skin

Chronic masturbator seeks acute stimulation: Why searching pornographic content in Twitter returns no results?

No, really, the little jerkoff expects his wank material to be served up on a silver platter:

Today I discovered that when I enter any porn related keyword in Twitter and then look under PHOTOS or VIDEOS there is nothing! … Try it yourself.

I know Twitter hasn’t banned porn and searching the internet for this annoyance gives me totally irrelevant results, like I’m the first mother f*cker that this happened to.

just wtf is wrong with the internet…

It apparently hasn’t occurred to the twerp that indices on the Internet are routinely tweaked to produce the results desired by the owners of those indices.

The obvious thing to do, of course, is to hit up places like Pornhub. I’m betting his mommy won’t let him.

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