The priciest house in town

In The Oklahoman this morning, Real Estate Editor Richard Mize was waxing lyrical about the most expensive homes in the county. There are, he reports, 1640 houses assessed at over $1 million, with one topping out over $6 million:

It’s in Gaillardia, which should be no surprise, with 17,561 square feet of space, built in 2010 on 3.16 acres at 14000 Gaillardia Lane, owned by the Jeffrey J. McDougall Trust. McDougall is president and principal owner of JMA Energy, a natural gas producer. His is the biggest house in Gaillardia.

And one should remember that assessments tend to be on the low side around here; the palatial estate at Surlywood, on this scale, is valued at a modest $93,000. (What it would actually sell for is anyone’s guess, though I’d guess somewhere slightly upwards of $110,000.)

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