Not part of the plan

There are such things as work clothes, you know:

Police and firefighters escorted a man off the roof of a home who was naked except for a towel.

Police say the man had been trying to burglarize a Culver City condo — while naked — and was spotted by a neighbor, who called authorities.

The suspect fled and tried hiding inside a chimney at a house nearby in Ladera Heights — and became stuck.

Does it get better? Of course it does:

Neighbors said they heard a voice coming from the chimney.

Witness Portia Wofford, not knowing he was the suspect, said she continued to talk to him.

“He also wanted to know if I believed in a higher power because he was telling his story that he’s been drugged, drugs have been laced, he has no clothes on,” Wofford said.

At least one of those statements was true.

(Via Juliette Ochieng.)


  1. fillyjonk »

    13 August 2019 · 7:05 am

    Uh, I thought if one wanted to commit a crime and not leave fingerprints or other evidence, one COVERED as many body parts as possible….

  2. The Other McCain »

    14 August 2019 · 8:02 am

    In The Mailbox: 08.13.19

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