Also not part of the plan

“We only expected this many students,” someone must have said:

Around 330 fifth graders previously scheduled to attend Taft Middle School at NW 23rd Street and May Avenue will attend classes in the previously-closed Linwood Elementary at NW 16th and I-44.

It will be called “Taft 5th Grade Center” for the 2019-2020 school year.

Taft Principal Cody Stull will continue to be the principal responsible for the fifth graders with Taft Assistant Principal Amy Daughtery being the daily site leader for the center.

In other news, schools now have “daily site leaders.”

Nor is this the only abrupt change of plans:

Andrew Johnson and Horace Mann buildings will each become “Early Childhood partner program & OKCPS Pre-K Overflow” for neighboring schools that survived the “Pathway to Greatness” consolidation.

Putnam Heights Elementary, closed under P2G, has been reopened to accommodate moving the SeeWorth Alternative School after SeeWorth, Inc. suddenly yanked back permission to use the former campus at 12600 N. Kelley with only weeks to go before the start of school.

SeeWorth, for most of its existence, was a pretty good argument against charter schools: its performance was bottom-level at best, which explains why its campus was vacant.

(Via Christine Woodall.)

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