Flipped away

And now a second flip-phone bites the dust:

This was … spendy. (I went with the iPhone 7, the one US Cellular had, because I didn’t feel up to shopping around; I wanted one by this weekend when I have some travel ahead of me). And there’s the rise in the price of the monthly plan ($25 to about $45, but there’s also the “rental” on the phone; I might later just purchase one and give this one back).

And it’s HARD to figure out, the learning curve is quite steep if you haven’t used a smartphone before. I scribbled down my different passwords and hope I remember which one goes with which thing (or at least that the phone remembers them). It was hot and I was tired and I suspect not in the best frame of mind for things.

I suspect the people in there were laughing at me after I left because I knew so little. Then again, the woman who worked with me said “I don’t use an iPhone, I use Android” and I admit I thought with annoyance “then why not send over someone who DOES use an iPhone.”

To compare notes:

  • My data plan runs $50. (My former non-data plan was half that.)
  • She got a new 7; I bought a not-necessarily-gently-used 6s. On the upside, there’s no rental fee.
  • The learning curve is indeed steep.
  • The woman who worked with me apparently ascertained my exact level of newbiehood and adjusted the palaver accordingly. Ten minutes in, I was reassured; twenty minutes in, I wanted to marry her. (Thirty minutes in, I was halfway home.)

And I called up a rather large number of my contacts, just to make sure I’d transcribed the numbers correctly. So far, I have.

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  1. McGehee »

    14 August 2019 · 1:46 pm

    For passwords, I again recommend LastPass. I use it to generate and remember unique, secure passwords for everything.

    Of course, using LastPass to remember your password or PIN for LastPass has limited usefulness, but there are occasions…

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