Strange search-engine queries (708)

If something you said landed here, it’s because you typed it in and sent it to Google or Bing or one of those guys, who brought you here, and the logs tell the tale.

you are already a weiner:  Is that you, Carlos Danger?

roz greenwood bondage:  I’m guessing you’ve already ruined your Bettie Page books.

Rosa Blasi In The Thundermans Having Sex In A Video:  Somehow I feel you’re not going to find this on Nickelodeon.

rosa blasi jock itch:  This either.

child winters wilkins daniels conder mills & boon loves… big sky standoff girl behind the scandalous reputation a bride for the boss the italian playboys secret son the m torrent:  That’s a hell of a lot to torrent.

8075 celsius:  Worse than usual for August.

pdq bach look up her dress:  From what I know about old P.D.Q., you’re likely to be disappointed.

amish rake fight gfy:  Well, you know they don’t have tasers.

pink candies that taste like pepto:  The price of candy being what it is, you might as well just have a Pepto.

tumultuousness:  The sine qua non of 21st-century electoral politics.

primejailbait closed:  Oh, boo hoo. How are you going to survive without one hand down your pants?

rat queens rule 34:  Oh. Never mind.

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