Tru to you

A couple of years ago, I mentioned this little boutique hotel from the gigantic Hilton chain. And since I’m holed up in one of them for the duration, I figured I could repeat myself:

Picture a Quality Inn or a Comfort Inn with a makeover along the lines of an Ace hotel, without the hipster restaurants, and you may have Tru by Hilton, which features bright colors, a lobby designed with areas for eating, playing games, working and lounging and efficiently designed guest rooms.

“The rooms got smaller and the lobby got bigger,” said Phil Cordell, global head of Hilton Worldwide’s focused service brands, highlighting the social aspects of the new concept.

Not so small a room, really. And the price is decidedly unHiltonesque: I got this place for $85 a night, which in a town where half the hotels are closed up due to lack of electricity is downright affordable.


  1. McGehee »

    28 August 2019 · 8:43 pm

    What the blimey happened?

  2. CGHill »

    28 August 2019 · 9:58 pm

    Massive storms with 80+ mph winds. Knocked out power for about half the homes in town. Still not sure if mine’s back on yet.

  3. McGehee »

    28 August 2019 · 10:09 pm

    Weird, because when I looked at OKC in my weather radar app there was nothing showing there or downrange.

    Then again, maybe the radar lost power too.

    The Weather Channel is all-Dorian-all-the-time, and Mrs. McG isn’t available just now to consult about NWS radar news, so…

  4. CGHill »

    28 August 2019 · 10:31 pm

    This happened Monday night. Still about 10,000 in the dark, 49 hours later.

  5. Roger O Green »

    29 August 2019 · 8:19 am

    My personal record without power is 4+ days, from an October 4, 1987 SNOWSTORM.

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