One hundred hours of despair

There are people who, if they’re not actually laughing off catastrophe, at least can deal with it without going to pieces.

I am not one of those.


  1. hollyh »

    1 September 2019 · 7:49 pm

    Wow, that is terrible, I’m so sorry you had such a long ordeal. I felt sorry for myself, being out of power for a mere 12 hours.

    There’s a bitter irony here. I watched a VICE News special last week, which reported that we are inches away from actually making contact with alien planets, so far have we developed our high-tech space gadgetry.

    Yet, we cannot weather a storm without putting people out of power for 100 hours?

    Could it be that we should try fixin’ stuff down HERE, before aiming for Mars?

  2. McGehee »

    1 September 2019 · 8:32 pm

    If everyone waited until “here” was perfect before doing anything else, we’d have eight billion people crammed into Africa’s Rift Valley wondering why the place is such a horrendous mess.

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