Proud to be a twit

You can see what’s wrong with this asshat in a matter of seconds:

My website host reset my password. However, they sent the new password to my old email. They will not relinquish the new password to my current email address (which they currently use for billing) and I cannot access my site. Is there legal recourse?

You can’t get much more obvious than this, said I:

And you never gave the host the new email address because — why, exactly?

It’s rather pointless to speak of “legal recourse” when it’s obviously your fault.

Now this is hardly a problem anyone would call “unique”; in half an hour you can find a dozen or more wackos who fail to comprehend the simple fact that it’s their responsibility to keep everyone in the chain informed. Rather a lot of such folks generate throwaway addresses, fearing that someone might find out who they are, and they deserve the failures they get.

Missing the point, incidentally, is also a failure:

Nope. I own the domains and I own the email address and i want some of my property off the domains (which I own). Why can’t I have my property, when I can establish that it is my property? Seriously!? For years the host has sent me bills for the domains to my current email address. They are USING the current email address for business purposes, to direct payments. And they don’t know this — why, exactly?

Billing records and domain records are not necessarily united under a single database, and you might not want them to be, lest some vandal get all your information at once.

The two hilarious things about this guy:

  • He claims to be an empath;
  • He doesn’t follow his own question, meaning it doesn’t appear in his profile question list, meaning he wants plausible deniability in case he wants to disavow any knowledge of its existence.

It’s always lots of fun to see people work their very hardest to avoid responsibility.


  1. Fred Z »

    1 September 2019 · 11:28 pm

    “It’s always lots of fun to see people work their very hardest to avoid responsibility.”


    Have you ever noticed that bums who collect bottles and cans to get the deposit money work harder for less per hour than a minimum wage burger flipper?

    We truly are lazy, stupid and weird hairless monkeys with a taste for gin, bad women and trouble.

  2. McGehee »

    2 September 2019 · 8:55 am

    One of my domain registrars did this to me despite my having given them my new email address.

    Since my domain host was a different outfit (as it always should be), I was able to fire the registrar and get back access to the registration account without losing my data. The change would have been utterly transparent to the reader if I hadn’t blogged about it at the time (early 2000’s).

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