Strange search-engine queries (709)

On the off-chance that you missed the last decade or so, here’s what’s going on here:

  1. You search for something at a search engine.
  2. The search engine matches you up with something we did here.
  3. We look at where those matches landed.
  4. Hilarity is supposed to ensue.

fkk sandcastles:  Possible disadvantage of a nude beach: the damn sand gets into everything.

getting hung up on minor details word:  Admittedly, there are times when I settle for “jerk.”

carol alt private parts:  Even supermodels are entitled to some privacy.

the invisible girl summary:  This is actually pretty simple: she’s female, and you can’t see her.

leering eyes:  Foiled again by the invisible girl.

zhenya kissin:  Lucky Zhenya.

artisan dwarf cabbage:  This is how you sell Brussels sprouts for $15 a pound.

morgan fairchild porn videos:  “My wife, Morgan Fairchild, whom I’ve slept with, never did any of those,” says Tommy Flanagan.

are prunes in dr pepper:  The Dr says no, and who are we to question him?

annie wu actress:  No relation to Louis Wu, inventor of the Sabbatical.

ryan opens a bank account with $50:  And brother Chad told him, “You could have gone to this bank over here and they’d give you a $200 bonus.”

magnifico giganticus:  A lineal descendant of Pilate’s friend Biggus Dickus.


  1. McGehee »

    2 September 2019 · 8:59 am

    she’s female, and you can’t see her.

    The story of my teenage years.

  2. fillyjonk »

    2 September 2019 · 3:06 pm

    Hah, I remember a family argument over whether Dr. Pepper tasted more like cherry or prunes. (I didn’t drink the stuff so I couldn’t venture an opinion).

    But those are the good kind of family arguments – dumb, silly, no one gets too upset. (Sister-in-law said cherry, mom said prune. They weren’t *really* arguing about it)

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