Rub it in, rub it in

I suppose I should be surprised by this:

A drug that could do for women what Viagra has done for men is being tested at the University of Virginia. The drug is a testosterone-laden ointment called LibiGel and it’s intended to boost the libido of women who have lost interest in sex. It will be prescribed at UVa in coming months to women who are suffering from hypoactive sexual desire disorder. The condition is believed to affect one-third of American women.

Three points, if points they be:

  • The call girl-turned-author in George Axelrod’s novel Where Am I Now — When I Need Me? at one point turned out an essay in which “ointment” is revealed to be the dirtiest word of them all. I have no idea whether this was related to Axelrod’s theory of the seven-year itch.
  • In my admittedly-limited experience, the most effective treatment for low female libido is to stop dating me. (Disclosure: Sample size is too small to be considered statistically significant.)
  • What happens if some Viagra-enhanced fellow (think Hugh M. Hefner) has an encounter with, say, a twenty-year-old blonde with a couple extra tubes of LibiGel? Will the results be measurable on the Richter scale? And in which state will the survivors be buried?

(Via Protein Wisdom.)

Update, 6:45 pm: The Fark thread on this subject notes: “Still no cure for flannel nightwear.”

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  1. McGehee »

    1 January 2008 · 5:58 pm

    And in which state will the survivors be buried?


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