The cost of ice

The City Manager’s report on ice-storm response is out, and the price tag looks pretty stiff: 6649 hours of overtime by city crews and 2588 tons of salt spread.

On the question of debris removal, the two lowest bidders (around $70 a ton) have been put to work gathering up what’s stacked at curbside. The city has been divided into thirty-four sectors for this purpose, and so far nine, all in the middle of town, have been assigned. How this is supposed to work:

Once an initial pass is completed through each sector the contractors will be assigned an additional sector in which to begin work. The contractors will be required to make a second pass through all of their assigned sectors no sooner than two weeks following completion of their initial pass.

So if you didn’t get everything to the curb by the time the truck comes through, you’ve got at least 14 days to finish up.

No one seems to be speculating as to how long it will take to clean up all the debris, though I’ve got my money on the third of March.

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  1. Aero »

    3 January 2008 · 7:17 pm

    Having been in a neighborhood where the large limbs were picked up today, I must say driving down those streets is a challenge. All the small limbs and debris are carpeting said streets. I saw a Lexus going 5mph so as not to launch a small limb into her paint job. One could have seen me performing some “off road” type maneuvers. (NW 22nd & Hudson.) The next city expense will be clearing the storm drains that don’t have a chance of draining due to all the debris clogging them.

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