Remember that ice storm?

Sure you do. In fact, there’s probably still storm debris stacked by the curb. (I did see a truck actually picking up the stuff along NW 50th east of Independence yesterday.)

This being Oklahoma, though, you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that yesterday Oklahoma City basked in the warmest 5th of January on record — local records go back to 1891 — and that it will be even warmer today: the low this morning was 57, about ten degrees above a typical daytime high for this time of year, and this afternoon we’ll see 75 or so. This is the sort of Epiphany I can deal with.

Oh, yes, the bottom falls out Monday night. You knew it wouldn’t last.


  1. Moira Breen »

    6 January 2008 · 12:06 pm

    It’s been all melt-y here in Caucus-land, too – though of course last week and the week before we had to go after the driveway, sidewalk, and mailbox ice with mattocks and sledgehammers. I now know that one can’t shovel a glacier.

    Did hear that you guys were a tad worse off than that, so you earned your brief balmy spell. Enjoy!

  2. localmalcontent »

    6 January 2008 · 1:34 pm

    Three nights ago the low temp. here was +9. Last night the ‘low’ was 66, causing treefrogs to come out and sing along the lake shore. Won’t they be sorry in another day or so!

  3. localmalcontent »

    7 January 2008 · 1:28 am

    70 degrees FireNheit, at 1:30 am, Monday, January 7, 2008.

    The warmest birthday I ever experienced was January 11, 1991, in San Antonio, Tx.-86 degrees. My cousin, her husband, child and I bar-b-qued that day.
    Friday shouldn’t be that warm, but real close…

    I always wished that I’d been born in the summer, so that I could celebrate my B.D. at Busch Memorial, watching the Cardinals play.
    Until I realized that I could celebrate my half-birthday! But then, the MLB season was off for the All-star Game break.
    Can you say ‘dammit’?

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