For that all-over retro look

I get a lot of search-engine traffic for “nude old farts” and variations thereof, not so much because my own flatulence is especially mature — at least, I don’t think it is — but because there’s a perception that people who doff their duds at vacation time tend to be people who knew Methuselah personally.

Tom Mulhall, who runs the Terra Cotta Inn, acknowledged as much last summer:

It is true many nudist clubs in the US have aging guests. Solair campground [in Connecticut] has a median age of 55. I would bet most nudist campgrounds and clubs are the same way.

I have yet to verify this empirically — and 55, for me, is less than a year away anyway — but I have reason to believe there is indeed an abundance of older folk in this, um, industry. Exhibit A: renewal notice from AANR, rendered on a dot-matrix printer. Not even in near-letter quality, for Pete’s sake. And I thought I had creeping Luddite tendencies.


  1. localmalcontent »

    7 January 2008 · 1:42 am

    I hold my elders in high regard, until I have to see them nekkid; then like gravity’s effects on their middles, it ALL sinks.

    54 is not old, my friend. Bless you, oldtimer!
    Why, you sound every bit like a 49 year old, at the most.

    Charles, all of this is only teasing. Please don’t send your Great-grandchildren down here to whip up on me, please??

  2. localmalcontent »

    7 January 2008 · 1:45 am


    Pardon KOFF KOFF me…!

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