And now, the news for Italian plumbers

Lileks discovers news via Nintendo:

I felt a little ill upon noting the Wii News Channel. It’s fast and succinct. There’s no good reason to have a news feed in the Wii machine, but there’s no good reason not to have one. It’s a reminder that news is just a feature, not a destination or a place; it’s part of the stuff that falls from the cloud.

If gaming machines have news, shouldn’t newspaper websites have games? Seriously: papers run comics, so they’re not above something “funny” and trivial. Why not provide addictive time-wasting flash games? They wouldn’t have to be based on the news, although I suppose they could be — Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich have been buried under a ton of corn in an Iowa silo! Click the falling cobs to keep them from dying, and click on the fallen cobs to clear a path! Between levels, an ad, some headlines.

I like it, but it wouldn’t fly: some nitwit would complain that his candidate is being mocked, and this will not stand.

On the other hand, Kucinich fans might find it amusing.


  1. Dwayne "the canoe guy" »

    7 January 2008 · 12:39 pm

    Shucks, Kernel, that is one corny idea!

  2. belhoste »

    7 January 2008 · 4:29 pm

    I find the news on the Wii to be much better than the news on any of the local stations – mostly because there is a lot less hair product being used.

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