Does this thing have a hand crank?

The ol’ work box hadn’t been that much of a sluggard up to that point. At the heart of it is an AMD Sempron 2800+, despite its name a 1.6-GHz CPU, not a speedster but not a boat anchor either. And usually it runs with some small degree of enthusiasm: for some reason it opens one database (this particular solution is based on FileMaker Pro, not that that should make a difference) substantially faster than my P4 dual-core box at home ever does.

In an effort to diagnose the problem, I first fired up Control Panel / System, with the intent of poking into Device Manager. The usual System Information stuff fell into place at subsonic speeds, and it ended with “192 MB RAM.”

One ninety-two? Holy substrate, Batman, did someone steal a DIMM? This box, when I got it, had two units of memory: a 256-megger and a 512. Total 768, minus 64 for the integrated video. The only explanation: the 512 stick was stuck.

I powered down, spat in the general direction of the power switch, and restarted. BIOS screen shows 768; all is well. Until the next reboot, of course.

Under the circumstances, I did what any reasonable person would: I whined to supervisory personnel. New RAM should be arriving presently.

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  1. McGehee »

    8 January 2008 · 10:00 am

    It was bad RAM — both sticks, as it happened — that brought my wife’s computer to the brink of unceremonious retirement a couple of months ago.

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