Shucks and the city

Dawn Eden, at the beginning of Chapter 10 of her best-seller The Thrill of the Chaste, quotes this noted shoe authority regarding Sex and the City:

[T]he former HBO series did have some impact on popular culture, to the extent that it’s had some small but measurable effect on women’s shoes, pushing them a notch or two in the direction of sheer frivolity.

Sarah Jessica Parker from here down

Perhaps I spoke too soon, or maybe I have trouble counting notches, because Sarah Jessica Parker, during a New York shoot for the film version of Sex and the City, was spotted wearing these extremely strange boots, possibly clogs with a pituitary problem, footwear for which no one apparently has a kind word. (And no one seems to be able to identify them, either; not even Shoewawa’s famed Ugly Shoes list turned up a reference, and I paged through literally scores of boots at Zappos. The things I go through for you people.) Admittedly, it’s hard to disagree with Jess Cartner-Morley’s assessment of the genre:

[E]very piece I read raving about ankle boots ended with a caveat along the lines of “ankle boots look brilliant on us beautiful people, because they contrast so winningly with our adorable, pipe-cleaner legs, but they look freaking hideous on disgusting size 12 weirdos who need liposuction”.

SJP might actually qualify on the “pipe-cleaner legs” bit, and normally I’d forgive her this sort of lapse in judgment — by my reckoning, she’s still got some goodwill left over from L.A. Story — but you should see the dress she was wearing at the time: it’s like Björk after a transporter accident.

Oh, I must retract: somebody has kind words for these boots. At the Sun, Bizarre columnist (now that’s a title) Gordon Smart says:

The Biz secretary told me: “If a fella buys me those shoes I’ll marry him no matter who he is.”

I despair.

In the absence of information to the contrary, I blame Patricia Field.


  1. Nina »

    28 January 2008 · 9:22 am

    I have anything but “pipe-cleaner legs” yet I sure love those shoes!

  2. Tat »

    28 January 2008 · 4:50 pm

    Well, don’t know about “pipe-cleaner”, but SJP’s legs are what they call “bowed”. As are Susan Sarandon’s (and I saw her in person, so trust me they are).

    C, your public service in field of show research is much appreciated. These boots aren’t the strangest pair I’ve seen; once while shopping at Century, where they dump all those unsold designer merchandise, I encountered black lacquered boots, knee-high, with heel and toe cut out.
    The purpose of those stil escapes me.

    I mean, seriously: if they were meant to wear as sandals imagine what would they do to your legs from ankle to knee in the summer heat. If they were supposed to be fall footwear, what about those paddles?

  3. CGHill »

    28 January 2008 · 6:15 pm

    Fashion and function are ever at odds, it would seem.

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