Oh, this will end well

The blind leading the bland:

Microsoft said Friday that it would offer $44.6 billion for Yahoo, the ailing search giant. The surprise offer of $31 a share represents a 62 percent premium to Thursday’s closing share price. Yahoo shareholders could elect to receive either cash or stock.

The proposed acquisition, the largest ever by Microsoft, would give some relief to Yahoo’s long-suffering shareholders, who have seen the company’s stock slide nearly 32 percent this year. It would also create the most formidable competitor yet for Google, the search engine giant.

I can’t wait to see what sort of horrid Dr. Moreauvian hybrid emerges from the fusion of Windows Live Mail (née Hotmail) and Yahoo! Mail.

And will that perennial #3 news channel rename itself MSYNBC? (Y not?)


  1. Dan B »

    1 February 2008 · 12:53 pm

    Just when you thought Yahoo couldn’t get any worse …

  2. Sophistpundit »

    1 February 2008 · 8:13 pm

    Quickly Dinosaurs, Mate your way to survival!

    Hahaha, “formidable”. More like “desperate”. We’ll see if anything comes of this.

  3. See-Dubya »

    2 February 2008 · 2:20 am

    Just when you thought Hotmail couldn’t get any worse…

  4. Mister Snitch! »

    2 February 2008 · 3:00 pm

    Don’t get me started on Hotmail. And Flickr users are up in arms. But this is NOT a done deal, despite what you have heard. Other bidders are coming in. One is Rupert Murdoch. Look out, the fur’s gonna fly.

  5. Jason »

    2 February 2008 · 11:28 pm

    As long as they don’t mess with my Flickr, I don’t care what they do with it!

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