Meanwhile at the precinct

Things were moving along swimmingly just after 6 pm: I cast ballot #867. At that one moment — do not assume this applied all day — there were twice as many Democrats in line as there were Republicans, which I sort of expected; there were twice as many black Republicans as black Democrats, which I didn’t. Things went smoothly, as they usually do at this precinct, but I was greeted at the door by a faceful of sleet, which tipped my mood from “crabby” to “irascible,” and then the clusterfsck at 50th and May — there was already a road closure, but this time there were three fire engines at the intersection, and I didn’t particularly feel like approaching it to find out why — moved me just about all the way to “pissed.” I expect, though, that the results of the voting will not disappoint me too horribly.

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