Legal, but who cares?

Back in the Pleistocene era, McGehee was getting a lot of traffic from people who were hoping to find raunchy pictures of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who were then (1) underage and (2) pretty close to household words.

Now that the Dualstar Damsels are neither jailbait nor in demand, you’d think this sort of prurient interest would have died down. Hugh Marston Hefner (let’s see if anyone complains about his middle name) begs to differ:

After understandably courting Lindsay Lohan to pose for Playboy following her NY Mag shoot … the robed golden oldie has now set his sights on none other than the collective 100 pound twosome that are Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Having previously begged the then-plumpish-sized twins on their 18th birthday, Hef is still under the impression that “the twins are every young man’s fantasy,” according to a source at Ace Showbiz. Call us crazy, but last time we checked, women with the bodies of 12 year-old boys who dress like grannies ready to hop the bus to Atlantic City don’t exactly set men’s pants ablaze.

I know from nothing about young men’s fantasies, but there are people, Hef among them, who believe with all their flinty little hearts that there is nothing sexier than twins, even if said twins look like the Smith Brothers (Trade and Mark).

Unless, of course, it’s triplets.

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  1. Ron »

    4 March 2008 · 5:37 pm

    My eyes … my eyes … OMG, my eyes.

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