Worst inning ever?

Probably not, but it’s inarguably pretty bad. Oakland over Baltimore, 11-2; but merely stating the score ignores the real ignominy of it all:

The Athletics crossed the plate eight times in the eighth inning Friday night, and they did it with only one hit: a grand slam by Rajai Davis that sealed an 11-2 victory.

Three Baltimore pitchers issued six walks — four with the bases loaded — and hit a batter in the eighth before the fourth reliever, Randor Bierd, served up Davis’ first career grand slam.

“I’ve never seen an inning like that,” opined Oriole manager Dave Trembley.

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  1. Dan B »

    7 September 2008 · 10:49 pm

    Advice for the Baltimore pitching coach from Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land: I ought to trade the whole lot of you for a dog, and then shoot the dog.

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