The thick end of the wedge

Hali by Report

What you’re looking at is “Hali” by Report, a vaguely retro-looking wedge which, at least in this shade — there are four available — looks like the wearer has been busy kicking daisies. (Given my luck with daisies, I’d kick ’em too.) The upper is real leather, the sole is something else entirely, and the heel is a modest two inches. Zappos sells these for $84.

Erin at A Dress A Day bought them in black, and wound up returning them: “I wanted them to work, badly, but they were too narrow across the ball of the foot, and the last thing you want in a low-cut shoe is overflow.” Indeed. And she had one further objection: “Also, I don’t like peep-toes where you only see one toe; it feels too ‘my talon, let me show you it,’ to me.” Which leaves “Hali” with one discernible redeeming social value: it’s not a Croc.


  1. McGehee »

    27 March 2008 · 8:31 pm

    kicking daisies

    Better kickin’ ’em than pushin’ ’em up, I always say.

  2. Mark Alger »

    29 March 2008 · 10:43 pm

    Speaking of Crocs … (and I’m sorry to be peppering your comments tonight, but so many of your posts are piquing my snark) … did you see the news item about how some charity or other is donating brazilians of red Crocs to Ethiopia? (Or Darfur, or one of those African hell-holes.) So that the poor refugees won’t have to flee barefoot across the bleak terrain.

    A better use for a cast-off fad I cannot think.

    But why all red? Maybe they could get a good price on them? Slow seller? The factory in China had a bad day that day and has a bunch of seconds to unload? Dunno.

    And the guy doing the announcing (looked like a young Strom Thurmond with a bad comb-over) (by “bad” I mean worse than Strom’s — with or without the bad henna job) managed to do his pitch for funds (to buy the Crocs — no matching plea for donations of the old ones, though it seems imminent and inevitable, dunnit?) with a straight face.

    Well, no. Not straight. Smug. Self-satisfied. But not laughing and gibbering like Daffy Duck under the influence of some Bugs-created cognitive disonnance.


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