Atlanta has become Surf City

The raw Census numbers say that my home town has slightly more females than males, 51.1 to 48.9 percent. However, substantial percentages of both camps are Off The Market, so this one factoid doesn’t really address the availability of datables.

Richard Florida, he who is constantly hawking the Creative Class as the solution to all our urban ills, has now done some figuring and calculated, or guessed, or something, the breakdown for singles 20-64, and the Big Breezy seems to have a deficit of eligible females, approximately equal to the surplus in Tulsa. (Remind me to send this to the Stroud Chamber of Commerce.) The West generally is a boyzone; girls proliferate in and around Boswash and other Eastern metropolises. Jan and Dean never anticipated this.

Yeah, I know: all you need is one, right?

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