A mighty road car is our Ford

Coming soon to eastern Kansas, the Mustang Church of America:

Charles Ales loves Mustangs and doing good to others, so he’s putting it all together and starting the Mustang Church of America and Museum.

“There’s not another one like it in the world,” said Ales, lifelong car collector. “I’ve been around car nuts all my adult life. You can mess with their wives, you can mess with their dogs, but you can’t mess with their cars. It borders on a religion with them, so I built them a church.”

So far, the only automaker actually named after a god is Mazda.

Top Ten new religious movements of an automotive nature:

  1. The Porschetarians
  2. Chevrolaity
  3. Seekers of Infiniti
  4. Office of the Archmitsubishop
  5. V-Sikhs
  6. LaSallevation Army
  7. Gnashticism
  8. Subarutherans
  9. GTOrthodoxy
  10. Society of St. Prius X

Jesus, we may assume, was partial to Hondas; in Acts 2, the disciples managed to get to the first Pentecost in one Accord.

(Via the heretics at Autoblog.)

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