Strange search-engine queries (114)

If you’re just joining us, here’s what’s happening: hundreds of people every week arrive at this site because of something they entered into a search engine, and most of the time I can find a dozen or so who entered something sufficiently bizarre to warrant making fun of it in public.

Sexual relationships with doctors:  Because being screwed by your insurance company just isn’t enough.

invisibility developments:  Haven’t seen any.

“texas law” “free beer”:  Don’t you wish.

Satan is hitting me in my groin. Oil mw down and:  And what? Don’t leave us, um, hanging.

what makes oxygen go away:  A political debate. Sucks it right out of the room, every time.

oklahoma is deeply conservative:  In some particulars, we’re shallowly conservative.

“roommate wanted” naked:  Laundry room locked up over the weekend again?

if you get fat will you quit menstruating:  Probably not, and put down that jelly roll already.

fetal homicide law unfair to men:  On the other hand, fetal homicide is really unfair to fetuses.

stocking secretaries:  In practice, you can keep on hand a 10-day supply at best.

IQ Testing Is No Fucking Good:  “Hey, Jenna, we found the guy who punched all the holes in the answer sheet!”

Lowest I.Q. ever achieved by a human:  See previous item.

do teenagers desire to be emos or juggalos to defy parents:  Honestly? They’d be Presbyterians if they thought it would piss off the parental units.

a 2 years old ho is leavening in a tiny flat and damp what is the consequences:  Um, a yeast infection?

last time you laughed in 3 words:  Reading this post.


  1. BPD in OKC »

    7 April 2008 · 10:20 pm

    I have had one person find my blog by typing in:

    “I can’t stop picking my scabs”

    That one really made me wonder why my site showed up in the google results.

  2. Incurable Insomniac »

    8 April 2008 · 11:46 pm

    Oh, I love these. Mine are half as entertaining!

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