Longoria in excelsis

I’ve heard lots of arguments against HB 1804, but this one is new to me:

Hispanics are freakin’ hot.

Seriously, have you seen Eva Longoria or Wilmer Valderrama?

Their naturally golden skin, dark eyes and dark hair.


I’d point out here that most of our local Latinos don’t look like Eva or Wilmer — just like most of our local Caucasians don’t look like [insert names of two white hotties] — and if we’re going to enforce aesthetics at the state level, I should probably start packing now before that telltale knock at the door.

Still, I jump-start my heart five days a week with the babes of Telemundo’s Cada Día, so I’m not going to take serious exception to this plan.


  1. localmalcontent »

    10 April 2008 · 1:40 pm

    Must be that the voluptuous, non-American Latinas already have a good home, future there.

  2. McGehee »

    10 April 2008 · 2:11 pm

    Fine, let’s limit any amnesty plan to hot Latina babes like the ones on Cada Día.

  3. irritatedtulsan »

    10 April 2008 · 3:15 pm

    I hope every realizes I’m joking. I had one angry email from someone who thought I was serious.

  4. CGHill »

    10 April 2008 · 3:27 pm

    People with no sense of humor should be deported.

    (Something like that, maybe?)

  5. Jeffro »

    10 April 2008 · 3:29 pm

    A trip to the local WalMart will disavow the notion of hotness from any ethnic group.

    I say this with all the moral authority of a fat, tubby guy.

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