Endorse is endorse, of course, of course

I have to admit, I really don’t understand what state GOP chairman Gary Jones stands to gain by doing this:

Republican Party Chairman Gary Jones called upon Democrat Senators to follow Governor Henry’s lead … in making public their preferences for President of the United States.

Henry, you’ll remember, endorsed Barack Obama. Jones apparently wants all these Democrats on the record:

“Oklahoma voters deserve to know who their Democrat Senators and aspiring Senators will support. Does Nancy Riley support Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton? Will Charlie Laster follow the lead of his friend from Shawnee and throw his support to Obama? Who can the voters of southeastern Oklahoma expect Richard Lerblance to support?” Jones asked. “I hardly believe either Clinton or Obama reflects the conservative, pro-family, pro-Second Amendment values of that region. Who will it be, Senator Lerblance?”

What’s it to you, Gary Jones? If you don’t believe there’s a dime’s worth of difference between Clinton and Obama*, why do you think Senator Lerblance should worry about it?

This is standard-issue GOP ZOMGLIBRULS!!1! blather. It doesn’t get any less tiresome with repetition.

* I calculate the difference at 7 cents, plus or minus a couple of mills.


  1. ms7168 »

    24 April 2008 · 7:30 am

    This doesn’t surprise me. The GOP is quite fond of pointing out the lack of unification of the Democratic party. And they love picking on the very thing that could swing the election.

  2. Jeff Shaw »

    24 April 2008 · 10:25 am

    I believe that currently, there are several choices for president and really no need to be on record so soon.

    The coinage I was thinking of for any of our choices was a plug-nickel, Adjusted for inflation, of course.

  3. McGehee »

    24 April 2008 · 1:18 pm

    Tiresome to serious observers, sure.

    To Oklahoma Republicans, entertaining as all get out, I’ll bet.

    To most of the Democrats who keep putting Oklahoma in red-state company election cycle after election cycle, maybe something a little different.

    If I were an elected Democrat in Oklahoma I’d certainly tell Jones to go jump in the quicksand — but I’d be wondering just how it played with my constituents, just the same.

  4. MikeH »

    24 April 2008 · 1:53 pm

    Jones must’ve seen this video.

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