Equally yolked

Fillyjonk cracks an egg, and it’s two, two, TWO eggs in one, kinda sorta:

What would happen to a double-yolked egg if it were fertilized?

Would it just fail to develop?

Would it try to twin (and, I’m guessing, that would be a FAIL as well, seeing as there’s barely enough space within an eggshell for a single chick)

Or would it develop into some kind of Arnold Schwarzenegger super-chick, seeing as it has two yolks to draw nutrition from?

(I’m guessing the correct answer is either 1 or 2, but I’m kind of holding out a little hope for the Arnold super-chick.)

I took the question to these guys, and the answer, it appears, is closer to 2. [Link goes to PDF file.]

Double yolked eggs almost never hatch. Even though it is larger, the double yolked egg cannot support the development of two chicks.

Which tells me that it’s trying to twin, both embryos are competing for the same resources, and ultimately neither of them make it.

Still, there’s that little word “almost,” which probably means that once in a blue moon a chick actually survives the dreaded Double Yolk — though it’s unlikely to develop into the Birdinator.

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  1. Brian J. »

    27 April 2008 · 3:54 pm

    I’m not thinking about the Birdinator; I’m thinking about the chicken equivalent to The Dark Half.

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