The times call for a 180

During a one-hour period yesterday, someone’s botnet planted about 100 bogus TrackBacks here, connected to a whole link farm full of Yahoo! 360 blogs which were probably created by a botnet.

Not that I’d tell you to ban everything incoming that mentions Yahoo! 360, but until such time as they can come up with some semblance of security — don’t hold your breath — you might want to think twice about anything that shows up with their domain on it. (I did leave them a nastygram, which so far has garnered only an autoresponse.)

Update, 9:30 am: Yahoo! responds:

Yahoo! has evaluated and taken the appropriate action, as determined in Yahoo!’s sole discretion under our Terms of Service, with regard to the Yahoo! 360 account you have brought to our attention.

Their definition of “appropriate” probably differs from mine — I doubt that broadswords even occurred to them — but I suppose we can consider this matter closed for now.

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  1. McGehee »

    1 May 2008 · 9:42 am

    That ticks me off enough to almost re-enable trackbacks on my site just so I can blacklist those 360 yahoos.


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