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It’s a tie, and it could have been even more of one.

I had three different excerpts scissored out from this Kathy Shaidle update, and finally narrowed it down to this one:

Listen: if these Muslim students and their puppet masters don’t like the imaginary Islamophobia they accuse Maclean’s of stirring up by publishing negative reviews of Little Mosque on the Prairie, wait ’till they get a load of the real Muslim-hating they unleash when they de facto shut down Canada’s oldest magazine…

A magazine, I’d like to remind them, that was started by Lt. Maclean over 100 years ago, using his own goddamn money without any goddamn taxpayer subsidies and postal breaks and whathaveyou.

That’s what intelligent, resourceful people do when they want to “make their voices heard.”

Of course, these aren’t intelligent, resourceful people we’re talking about. These are parasitical victocrats with fifth rate minds, determined to destroy their host nation one magazine, one taxpayer sponsored nuisance suit, one welfare harem, one OHIP-paid-for genital mutilation at a time.

Easier than flying airplanes you could never have invented into buildings you never could have built.

This is the sort of ferocity for which God stops His Yamaha so He can hear it better.

Meanwhile, David Freddoso glances at the current conventional climate wisdom:

So Global Warming will pause for a decade, just in time for the world’s economic superpower to debate over what to do about it. A very convenient truth indeed.

This means that the scientific consensus for the next decade will be that Global Warming is not happening, but man is causing it. Ever heard the one about the Yemeni Communist who declared, “There is no God, but Muhammed is his prophet?”

See the Yamaha reference, supra.

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  1. Tatyana »

    3 May 2008 · 9:11 pm

    Excellent selection.

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