Low-level stalk

From last fall:

I had to run a MySpace search on my major high-school crush. Worse, I think I found her: the name is right, the age is right, the location is right. Fortunately, it’s a dead page: she set it up a couple of years ago for whatever reason and then left it lying fallow, with only Tom to keep her company.

And if the age were right, it would have to have incremented yesterday.

Which it did. Damn.

However, this still applies:

Before you ask: no, there’s no reason she should want to hear from me. She got married after college, and among other things, she’s been bringing up three very lovely girls. (More of that RootsWeb stuff.) I am no more relevant to her existence than is the French and Indian War.

Now if it should turn out that she wrote her thesis on some aspect of the French and Indian War, well, dumb luck on my part, but I’m still not sending a friend request.

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